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1. Improve the “time to value” ratio.
2. Ensure your project is well balanced in control and flexibility.
3. Show you how to read your data properly.
4. Develop helpful customer-orientatedDashboard.
5. Share and distribute key information.


What is it?
It essentially consists in one or two meeting sessions, during which we will go through your management situation and data usage together, so to identify the best approach to make your business grow.

What will you get?
You will get a detailed report, which, based on your present situation and on the possibilities ahead of you, will suggest you the next steps towards a better usage of your business data.

Data Governance

What is it?
Data Governance is everything that concerns data management and organizing for analytical purposes, in order to make decisions. It can involve the integration of data coming from various sources, the construction of a DWH o a Data Lake and their respective usage.

What will you get?
You will get a better organization for your data, a thorough mapping of the sources, useful business classifications, the documentation concerning the process and a data dictionary.


What is it?
“Discovery” is all the activity connected to data analysis and study with the purpose of identifying not so clear relations between data, in order to develop a Dashboard and share information.
What will you get?
Not only will you receive precise guidelines on the best available tools for you to use according to your business, but also the chance to meet and share experience with other business realities, together with an introduction to those useful tools to manage data on your own.


What is it?
It’s the development of analytical application and data navigation dashboards. In this step, we develop useful KPIs, designed specifically to better interpret what your data have to say/to better understand what your data have to say.
What will you get?
You will get a Dashboard, custom made for a group of users, effective graphic representations for each different phenomenon and a process of balancing between user experience, visual design techniques and ergonomics.


What is it?
It consists in the distribution of information both inside and outside the company for all those users who are not connected to the analysis tools.
What will you get?
You will get task tools designed to send scheduled, automated and controlled e-mails, for the creation of pixel perfect reports with information coming from a wide range of sources.

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