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Project sheet

Company Italian telco company
Business Area Telco
Background and context The supplier sheet is a document that contains all the economic and financial data and the track of the relationship with other company of the same telco group, related for single supplier
Project description The supplier sheet has been released in different times in the three environment: development, acceptance, production. For every environment, the customer tested the compliance with the requirements. BIREPORT® was set up to read the Active directory of the environments, to allow a SSO access to the report.
Preconditions and requirements The previous version of the supplier sheet created with QlikView® native report tool was not compliant with the required graphical output. The need of the customer was also for the opening time of the report, quite short, in order to avoid time loss.
Offered solution The “step zero” of the project has been the study of the best architecture for every environment in order to obtain the best performance. After the desired architecture has been implemented, the project started. First, we created a new QlikView file with all the objects needed for the report. Then we started the BIREPORT® Development, optimizing the report structure in order to minimize the opening time of the report. After the report layout has been approved in the develop environment, we move to the acceptance environment for the final test before going “online” in the Operating Environment. in the operating environment, the report has been made available for a group of test users, for the last fine tunings. After the report has been approved, all the users received the SSO access to the report. We also organized training workshop, to make the IT technicians able to make autonomously small editing in the report and solve small issues.
Associated products BIREPORT® 2.0
Approach and method The project has been a result of the great teamwork of BI NETWORK. The first QlikView® source file has been immediately created, in order to start the implementation of the report as soon as possible, while the architecture was designed. Passing the report from one environment to the other was easy for the peculiar BIREPORT® export import functionality, making the answer to the customer’s request easy and quick.
Quality evaluation criteria The report had to show a layout compliant with the customer standard, and be easily available to the users. The passage from the QlikView® file to the report had to be smooth and quick.
Customer benefits A correct and easily available report, to make the information sharing straightforward.
Distribution BIREPORT® Access Point with SSO

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