Case History / Annual technical report

Project sheet

Company Veterinary Institute
Business Area Public Sector
Customer type Scientific Institute
MArket Italy
Background and context The report is published once a year. It describes the activity of the institute’s laboratories and collect the scientific publications of the past year. Organizational form, human resources and economical Information about the Institute complete the report.
Project description As a first step, we created a QlikView® application as datasource of the document. After loading data, in BIREPORT® we created the final edition of the report. BIREPORT® is a Pixel perfect environment and made it possible to create a satisfying publishing product. The result is printed and published online every year.
Preconditions and requirements When the management decided to renew the layout and the data analysis of the technical report, several issues has come up: data and format redundancies that made the redaction with the standard Office tools long and difficult every year.
Offered solution The report is divided in five sections:
  • General Information
  • Analysis activities
  • Centers
  • Scientific production
  • Attachments
Section I, IV, V are made of text files. The .docx files are gathered at the health directorate. Using rich text boxes, it is possible to directly load the rich text file content. Section II and III contain charts and tables. The datasource is a qvw file. The production of this report has taken few weeks of work, bud this activity has a great benefit if you consider the fact that once a year, it will be possible to create a new report, simply loading the new qvw data and the .docx flles, thus maintaining unchanged the document formatting. In addition to the technical report available in pdf, there is also a partial report accessible via BIREPORT® access point.
Associated products BIREPORT® 2.0
Approach and method Working side by side with the IT department and the QlikView® developers, has made the project easy and quick. Every year the new report is created together with the developers, making it run smoothly.
Quality evaluation criteria
  • Graohic quality of the report thanks to the pover of BIREPORT® pixel perfect reporting
  • Easy to rollout.
  • Correct data thanks to QlikView® integration.
Customer benefits Every year the report is created in few days, with a high quality layout. There is no more need to create the report from scratch.
Distribution PDF and BIREPORT® Access Point

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