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Mission & Vision

The Way to Simplify Your Data Analysis


The customers and their need are our top priority. We work side by side with our customers to find the best evolutionary path to undertake. Knowing your business, we can tailor solutions and better interpret your data to find your strong points on which to focus.

We are part of the excellence in the field of Data Discovery, Data Management, Data Visualisation, Analytics, Big Data and Reporting. We started developing analysis models in 2001, for customers both in Italy and abroad. We work directly as well as in partnership with the most successful consulting companies, which allows us to be always updated on the latest cutting-edge tools and technologies. We strive to find the perfect structure for every customer, ameliorating project analysis, management and info distribution, inside and outside the company.

Our deep knowledge and experience in the area of business processes made possible the creation of BIMAIL®, BIREPORT® e BIPLAY®, which are to be considered excellent tools for an excellent service, powerful additions to every project.


Our company stems from two essential point: data and knowledge. We have one simple goal, which is to simplify and optimize data analysis and sharing. This will translates into smart solutions and projects developed in order to make our client’s business grow. We work with the client for the client.


Our mission is to make things easier, be it analysis, management, info or sharing. We want to make your data more comprehensible to you. A better interpretation of the data means a better understanding of the ever-evolving market.



130 people. 4 headquarters in Turin, Trento, Florence and Milan. We engaged in both national and international markets thanks to our distribution network spreading over the continents.

BI NETWORK works constantly on the consolidation of various partnerships in order to offer its customers a complete up-to-date experience of data analysis and management. Our team boasts business intelligence consultants, experts in the area of business process and Big Data Engineers.

Case History

These are the areas of expertise that we have deepened thanks to the projects of our customers