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Business Area Chemicals
Customer type Production and sale of chemicals for textile, construction and additive industry.
Background and Context Bozzetto Group operates in production and sale of chemical additives in three sectors: textile, building, and water treatment. The project challenge has been the Gross Margin evaluation, valuing the raw materials to the historic purchase and the squaring of the items of the revenue account defined by the inventory movement with the accounting balance. The requirement arose from the needing to sort the management process and have a real product cost in order to review the pricelists. The group structure, the number of subsidiaries and the presence of different accounting systems determined the complexity of the project.
Project description Evaluation and analysis of gross margin for legal entity, business unit, localization, customer, product with raw material valuation to the historical cost and squaring with the accounting system
Deliverables and associated products (proposed solution) The project structure is composed by:

  • Multi-Tiered Architecture (Extraction level, Normalization level, Historical level, Calculation level, Presentation level)
  • Presentation dashboard with analysis sheets with different scopes
    • Home: main key figures overview (gross sales, net sales, business line) for different dimension of interest (sales rep, business line). Graphical analysis
    • Detail: P&L analysis to the single item and customer
    • Dynamic Analysis: dynamical analysis of the key figures using every possible dimension.
Approach and method Working with different people in the company, and mainly with the CFO, has made it possible to highlight and strengthen the main factors, cornerstones of the success of the project that has pointed out data since then not available to the management.
Quality evaluation criteria
  • Sharing of the methodological approaches used in QlikView development.
  • Better cost analysis for the customer
  • New interpretation of data
Customer benefits Improved process of information sharing in the group and enhancement in the company process to register information. Correct analysis of product cost.

3 November 2019