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Contracts profitability

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Contracts profitability

Business area Packaging
Customer type and market Packaging production and sales. International
Background and Context (preconditions-requirements) The project goal has been the realization of a dashboard for the order profitability analysis. The IT department wanted to give to the users a usable solution, not weighing any more on the AS400 query performance.
Project Description
  • Business issues: using As400 as data source, creating a dashboard in order to improve performances and data availability. The most critical situation the data size of the Cost Detail table
  • Activities: attention was focused on the implementation of dynamic reload, based on the last record editing date, and on the user interface creation.
Offered solution Project main outputs:

  • Multi-Tiered Architecture with BI NETWORK standards(ETL01, ETL02)
  • Presentation dashboard with analysis sheets with different scopes
    • Item: a list of KPI and analysis on the main indicators (incomes, EBT, EBITDA, Value Added, and various cost types) analyzed for product line and product sector.
    • Customer Detail: same measures as Item sheet, with the focus on the customer. Maximum detail is the order row
    • Costs: cost group detailed and divided by type of costs (fixed costs, variable costs, depreciation and others)
    • Incidence of costs: the incidence of costs on the income is highlighted, specifying the measures by customer/order/order row.
    • Shipping costs: analysis of shipping costs divided by province/customer, with geospatial navigation, and 13-month trend.
Approach and method The choice to work with the IT contact, constantly sharing progress and outcome has been a key factor of the project, allowing the customer to reach greater skill with the instrument and with the application. There have been only two meetings with key users only focused on the user interface, since the project was replicating statistics already made in AS400.
Quality evaluation criteria
  • Sharing of the methodological approaches used in QlikView development.
  • Better application governance for the IT
  • Suggestions for data and KPI navigation with QlikView
Customer benefits A better knowledge of the power of the data that the customer already have. The more intuitive use of QlikView front end has given further enhancement to this asset. Less stress on the management control environment, for the continuous query that are no more required.
Distribution QlikView Server



31 October 2019