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Company Shoes retailer
Business Area Large fashion retailer
Tipologia Cliente & Market/ Produzione Calzature di alta moda
Market International
Background and context The company has asked to one of BINETWORK partners to develop reporting on already developed QlikView® dashboard. This started a collaboration with BINETWORK, with a training on the job to develop the requested reports
Project description The project is divided in two reports:

  • Classic sales analysis by model (with image) and geographic area
  • A catalog, where for every model there was image, then data about the available colors and materials.
Preconditions and requirements The customer needed reporting with dynamic images in relation to the shoe model, and this was not possible with QlikView® with the needed quality of layout.
Offered solution For both report we have uploaded the images into a system folder and BIREPORT® loads the up to date images with a simple script. The reports have been published on BIREPORT® access point with two filters: a mandatory one for the season, the second one for the model.
Associated products BIREPORT®
Quality evaluation criteria The customer approved the reporting for its layout quality, and for the accuracy of data, guaranteed by QlikView®. The fruition of the report via access point, made the consultation smooth and quick.
Customer benefits The customer has gained a better information sharing to customers and agents that are not using QlikView®, with an accurate layout and guaranteed data quality.
Distribution BIREPORT® Access Point

3 November 2019