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Power BI®

Azure Cloud within everyone’s reach

Power BI® is an ensemble of tools developed by Microsoft to help users with data analysis and info sharing. Its reports and dashboards allow efficient and user-friendly visualizations, on the go, using a browser or the dedicated mobile app. Using the dashboard is simple and quick thanks to the hundreds of linkers and templates available. Power BI® also allows the user to share and publish reports in all safety inside the company, and also to configure the automated data update so that the information available are always the latest.


Everyone, from analysts to basic users, can work on the data in a creative and productive way. Standard visual elements and templates can be found in a thriving community, born to help with the best suitable tools. The opportunity to combine data coming from heterogeneous sources, together with the modeling capacity, makes it possible to obtain great graphic renditions with a good first impact. All of this is possible in this tool-integrated Microsoft environment, where the users feels at home.


Power BI® work on all the company’s data as one, both on cloud and locally. Through the product’s gateways it is possible to connect SQL Serves, Analysis Services models and many other data sources to the Power BI®’s dashboards. Even in the case of other portals being used, it is possible to match Power BI® outputs with them and enjoy a flawless browsing experience.