Your dashboard for data analysis and business monitoring


Create dashboards and highly responsive analytic application in the blink of an eye with QLIKVIEW®. Dashboards are ready to use and designed specifically to solve problems with quick and easy discovery solutions. The final user is completely free to explore, select and dig deeper in the data. Doing so you will unlock new helpful and undiscovered perspectives on you company.




For over 20 years, QLIK® has been the state-of-the-art in the area of BI Analytics and Data Discovery. It owes its success to the following features:

  • Associative logic, which is being internationally patented.
  • Memory feature, which guarantees high performances in dataset processing while dealing with big numbers.
  • Availability on all types of mobile devices.

With QLIKVIEW®is possible to analyse data coming from any source, create and customised dashboards, explore, and carry out quick interactive and free data analysis – which can be refreshed with each click - thanks to the powerful Qlik® engine.




All this is made possible through the real time interaction between data sources, no matter how big the figures are. There’s no need to create a model in advance, you can create an index of the relation between data whenever you want. Everything is ready to be explored. Keyword – complete flexibility, in any direction you want, without pre-aggregations or standardized query.

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