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Qlik Sense®

An incredible experience of self-service analysis.

The idea behind this tool is simple – offering to the user self-service data access, enjoying personalised layouts and visuals. The “Storytelling” mode makes analysis and sharing inside the company smoother. The easy drag-and-drop interface, the power of the Associative engine, the web responsive adaptability and the personalised apps, all of this features make QLIK SENSE a unique and irreplaceable tool. Obtaining a detailed and up-to-date picture of your business situation has never been easier. Qlik Sense® is also available in Cloud version.


For over 20 years, QLIK® has been the state-of-the-art in the area of BI Analytics and Data Discovery. It owes its success to the following features:

  • Associative logic, which is being internationally patented.
  • Memory feature, which guarantees high performances in dataset processing while dealing with big numbers.
  • Availability on all types of mobile devices.

QLIK SENSE® offers the final user an exciting self-service data analysis experience, together with a number of customisation possibilities. It’s a powerful tool with access to multiple data sources. It has all the characteristics of a great instrument which allows highly efficient cross checks. Its captivating graphics and web integration make QLIK SENSE® the very definition of state-of-the-art in every Data Discovery project


Qlik®’s associative logic is even more enhanced by Qlik Sense®. It’s the easy-to-use essential tool to monitor one’s business. The interface is particularly intuitive and the tool can meet the most disparate need the user might have. Focus and precision make Qlik Sense® the smart way to share information within a company.