Because sharing is a value.

Created for QlikView & Qlik Sense objects.

BIMAIL is a web-based tool that allows you to distribute information from graphs, reports, sheets and tables from QlikView and Qlik Sense.

It also allows you to sort the information found in the email for a Qlik dimension, so you can automatically generate the same objects by applying the filter to each creation.

Main features

Smart Slide feature

BIMAIL grazie alla rivoluzionaria funzione Smart Slide permette di popolare dei template con oggetti tabellari, grafici e arricchire le vostre slide con parti testuali così da avere un allegato completo e flessibile.

Send as an email attachment

Send your reports created in Qlik in PDF format and Qlik tabular objects in XLSX format as an email attachment.


Extract images of graphical and tabular objects from Qlik and insert them directly into the body of the email, greatly reducing the time it takes to read the information.

Extended and congruent information

BIMAIL allows you to automatically apply selections when extracting Qlik objects, generating an attachment for each value so you can manage extended and congruent information per recipient, from a single original task.