Perfect reports down to the last pixel.

Ideal for any data source.

BIREPORT allows you to create engaging and graphically articulated layouts, easily enabling all types of end users to read the data. It distributes reports via email, Mobile App (IOS and Android), filesystem, ftp. It allows you to publish reports on your own document portal, enabling the user to download them in various formats.

Principali Caratteristiche

Engaging layout

BIREPORT connects to various sources to transfer data in engaging and graphically articulated layouts and then distribute the information to all types of users.

Scheduling and filtering

BIREPORT allows you to schedule the automatic generation and distribution of reports. You can filter the production of reports by size or measure, depending on the user who will consult them.

Multi-channel platform

BIREPORT is also a multi-channel platform to consult institutional reporting because it makes its reports available via: File System, Local Client, Web Client, Mobile App (iOS and Android), Document Portal.

Pixel-perfect reporting

BIREPORT is a powerful development environment based on an enterprise architecture that allows you to generate pixel-perfect reporting, export and distribute it in the most common formats, or make it available via web or in HTML5 format.

It does not burden the workload

BIREPORT does not burden the workload of the sources thanks to its external data structure that periodically stores only the information necessary to represent the report. It avoids continuous access to the Business Intelligence or Data Warehousing system.