Looker: find the true value in your data to achieve better results through data-driven experiences.

The world is evolving faster and faster, data is increasingly becoming an asset to be valued and seen sharply. Very often, a classic dashboard is no longer enough to represent the business reality. Looker is an advanced Business Intelligence platform that guarantees an excellent level of analysis, all in real time for more effective and faster decisions. Looker improves workflows with an injection of up-to-date and reliable data, offering innovative data exploration for all companies. It is possible to create reports and make them accessible to all stakeholders, promoting confrontation and sharing to stay constantly updated, and guide decisions and activities in the best direction.

Main features

Report and Dashboard

Visualizations that tell a story: create easy-to-read reports and beautiful dashboards that allow users to explore patterns in the data. Easily share data-rich visualizations anytime, from any device.


Ranking of today’s technologies: today’s databases can easily query massive amounts of data. Since the programme connects directly to your database, you are able to truly harness this power. No data extracts, no software to download and hardly any limits on what you can explore.


Define metrics once: the programme smartly generates your base model, allowing you to focus on defining the relationships and metrics that drive your business, all in one place.