Power BI

Azure cloud for everyone: dashboards and reports in memory or with direct access to data.

Power BI is a set of tools developed by Microsoft to facilitate data and information analysis and sharing. Through Power BI reports and dashboards, business users can navigate their information using effective and intuitive tools and visualizations, anytime and anywhere, using the browser and available mobile apps. Dashboard development is simplified and accelerated by the availability of hundreds of connectors and predefined templates for popular business applications. The Power BI service also allows you to securely publish reports across your organization and configure automatic data updates to always have the latest information available.

Main features

Real-time dashboards and data historicization

Thanks to Microsoft Power BI, you can monitor data sources in real time, observing the constant updating of graphs.

Moreover, this Business Intelligence tool archives all your data, so you will be able to have a comparative analysis over several years.

Natural language interface

Microsoft Power BI allows users to ask questions about their data in the same language they would speak to a person. As the question is formulated, the data begins to appear, and the more the question becomes specific, the more refined the visualizations to facilitate contingent analysis needs in a natural, easy and independent way.

Keeping data in its source

Power BI does not necessarily require data to be transferred or copied to the cloud to benefit from all its features. Whether held in an on-premises system, in the cloud or in a business application, Power BI is powered by any source available.

Use this interactive demo to try Power BI.