Tableau enables people to see and better understand their data.

Users want to be able to quickly answer questions on their own. Tableau is the next generation of business intelligence and visual analytics software that puts data in the hands of those who need it.

Tableau embraces the concept that data analysis and subsequent reporting should not be isolated activities, rather integrated into a single visual analytics process that allows users to quickly recognize patterns in their data and change the type of visualization in real time to follow the flow of thoughts.

Tableau brings together data exploration and visualization in a quick application that everyone can easily learn to use. Anyone familiar with Excel can create comprehensive, interactive analyses and powerful dashboards that can be securely shared across the organization. IT teams can manage data and metadata at central level, control permissions, and extend distribution across the company.

Main features

Powerful analytics for everyone

With role-based licensing, Tableau meets all users’ needs, regardless of their skills. Augmented analytics innovations help anyone, from data scientists to business users, more quickly discover detailed information, with accessible ML, statistics, natural language and smart data preparation.

Faster learning curve

Tableau builds on the work of scientific research to make analysis faster, easier and more intuitive. Fast, iterative data analysis that provides immediate feedback makes the tool engaging, fun and easy to learn.

The most intuitive user experience

Tableau is designed to put the user first, focusing on the questions for the data rather than software learning. With built-in visual wizards, Tableau allows unlimited data exploration without interrupting the flow of analysis.